* 1990 Czech Republic


Academy of performenc art/Scehography                                                      

Czech Technical University in Prague/Architecture and urbanism       

Charles University in Prague/History of art                                            

I am a young artist who lives and works in Prague. I’m working as a painter, graphic designer, ilustator. My work is characterized by two closely related lines. One could be called visual, the other structurally abstract.
The first line of my work includes themes touching architecture and city, design scenic interiors, landscapes. I see architecture as formation of space. I also deal with acts, portraits, and figurative compositions, often with an existential subtext, which spontaneously generates commentary on human destinies. My ideas lead to create personal mythology.
A significant part of my work includes abstract lines, which are mainly structural drawings. I am attempting to organize and solve the space and the area. For all parts of my work is important construction of space and organize area. I main using to work with color, dynamics of movement and painterly gesture. I create structures that are naturally contained in creation and form the essence of art, thought, and things that surround us. My structures are based on constant searching, analyzing and finding basic elements for controlling space.
The driving engine remains an eternal relationship to reality, constant searching and expression. I try to make my way of seeing, controling space, thinking and feeling to the spectator. Confront him with my interpretation of reality in today’s disintegrated world and bring him out of the stereotype of reception. Painter language becomes a medium of individual expression in me as well as an eternal medium that provides the relationship of person to his surroundings.
I am balancing between fine art, architecture, design and illustration and trying to create interdisciplinary interaction unity kind of art.